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Takahiko İİMURA 1937-Born in Tokyo.

2004 - Lecture series, Temple University, Philadephia, USA.

2003 - Award, Honorable Mention, Video, Seeing /Hearing / Speaking (2002), NAP Video Biennial, Lehigh Valley and Berks, USA. Residency, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, USA. Lecture, Okamoto Taro Museum, Kawasaki, Japan.

2002 - Published first interactive DVD, "Seeing/Hearing/Speaking". Lecture, The Soceity of Image Art and Science, Waseda University, Tokyo. Lecture, Kino Balazs, Tokyo. Award, Director’s Citation for video, Talking in New York (1981-2001), Black Maria Film /Video Festival, Jersey City, USA. Review, CD-ROM, Observer / Observed, Mike Legget, Leonardo, MIT Press, Cambridge, USA. Lecture, File (Electronic Language International Festival) 02, Sao Paulo. Lecture, Cosign 02 (Computer Semiology for Game and New Media), Augsburg University, Augsburg, Germany.

2001 - Individual Exhibition at Laboratorio Artealameda, Mexico. Awarded, New York Exposition of Short Film and Video, New York, and NAP Biennal Video Festival , N.J., both for "Observer / Observed". Artist Residency, Rockefeller Study & Conference Center, Como, Italy. Institute for Electronic Arts, Alfred University, New York. Professor at Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics, Tokyo.

2000 - Artist Residency, Valparaiso Foundation, Mojacar, Spain.

1999 - Awarded, Director’s Citation, Edison Black Maria Film & Video Festival and Honable Mention, Columbus Int’l Film & Video Festival for "Observer / Observed". Individual exhibition at Galerie National du Jeu de Paume, Paris.

1998 - Artist Residency, Banff Art Centre, Banff, Canada. Granted, Great Britain - Sasakawa Foundation for individual exhibition at the Lux Centre, London.

1997-Fellowship, Japan Art Funds for individual exhibition at Landmark Hall, Yokohama Published CD-ROM "Eizo Jikken no Tameni"(For Visual Experimentation), Grand Prize, Rough and Ruined Int’l Film Festival, Vancouver for AIUEONN Six Features.

1996-Awarded, Athen International Video Festival, Athen, Ohio, and Columbus International Film/Video Festival, Coloumbus, Ohio, "Honourable Mention".

1995-Awarded, New York Festival, Finalists . Individual exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo.

1994-Fellowship, Japan Art Funds for individual exhibition at Somido, Ginza Sony, Tokyo.

1993-Awarded, "AIUEONN SIX FEATURES" at WRO Sound Basis Visual Art Festival, Wroclaw, Poland, Festival Mundial do Minuto, Sao Paulo. Individual exhibition at Kirin Plaza Osaka, Osaka.

1992-Fellowship, German Academy Exchange Service (DAAD) for individual exhibion at DAAD Galerie, Berlin. Published "Takahiko Iimura Film und Video", German version translated from English. Granted, Japan Foundation for individual exhibion at the Museum of Sound and Image, Sao Paulo.

1991-Granted, Saison Foundation, Tokyo for producing performance video in New York.

1990-Granted, Japan Foundation, Tokyo for lecture/showing in New York. Produced Ma:Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji for Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and shown at Musee du Louvre, Paris. Professor at Nagoya University of Art and Design, Nagoya. Individual exhibition at Studio 200, Tokyo.

1988- Published, "80 Nendai Geijitsu Field Note" (A Field Note of 80’s Arts).

1987-Golden Gate Prize Award, San Francisco International Film festival for "Moments at the Rock" (video). Instructor of Film and Video, Osaka University of Arts, Osaka.

1986-Granted, New York Foundation for the Arts, New York. Published, Eizo Jikken No Tameni (For Visual experimentation) . Released, laserdisc "Nightsongs", Pioneer/LDC., Tokyo. Grand Prize awarded, Thomas Edison Black Maria Film & Video Festival for "Moments at the Rock" (Video).

1985-Individual exhibition at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. Released, first laserdisc "Ayers Rock", Pioneer/LDC., Tokyo . Published, "Paris-Tokyo Cinema Diary" and "Yoko Ono,Hito to Sakuhin"(The Person and the Works)

1984-Fellowship, Australia-Japan Foundation, Tokyo for exhibitions and lectures in Melbourne.

1981-Fellowship, Canada Council, Ottawa.

1980-Tour, seven Japanese cities for film and video shows.

1979-Tour, six European countries for film and video shows. Granted, National Endowmeant for the Arts, Washington D.C. Individual exhibition at Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

1978-Visiting Assistant Professor of Film, Cinema Dept. of State University of New York, Binghamton.

1977-Individual exhibition at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.

1976-Assistant Professor of Film, Fine Arts Dept., of Ohio State University, Kent, Ohio. Granted, Creative Artists Program, New York.

1975-Individual exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, New York. Visiting Instructor of Film, Dept. of Fine Arts, State University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

1974-Individual exhibition at Cinemathequs Francaise, Paris.

1973-Visiting Instructor, Shiller College, Berlin.

1972-Fellowship, German Academy Exchange Service(DAAD), Berlin.

1970-Published, "Geijutsu to Higeijutsu No Aida" (Between Art and Non-Art), and "Paper Film ;Love and Flowers".

1969-Began, video art-making tour, twelve European countries for film shows.

1966-Fellowship, Harvard University International Seminar, Boston. Visiting Artist Fellowship, Japan Society, New York.

1964-Organized, "Japan Film Independents" . Awarded, Special Prize, International Experimental Film Festival, Brussels for "Onan".

1960-Began, independent/experimental film-making.

1959-Graduated, Keio University , Tokyo.

Individual Exhibitions

2005 - Projection, Performance, Video/film stills - EXPRMNTL gallery - Toulouse - France.

2004 - Anthology Film Archives, New York. Temple University, Philadelphia.

2003 - Gallery Surge, Tokyo. Phaidros CAFE, Tokyo.Kobe Art Village Center, Kobe. Lux, London. Cinema La Clef, Paris. Tokyo Polytechnic University, Tokyo. Lund University, Lund, Sweden.

2002 - Jaraf, New York

2001 - Laboratorio Artealameda, Mexico City. Museum of Modern Art, New York. RBMC, New York. Dayton Art Center, Dayton, Ohio. Art Complex, Kyoto. Barks Filmmkers, Reading, Pa. Carnegie Mellon University, and Pittsburg Filmmakers, Pittsburg, Pa. University of Cincinati, Cincinati, Ohio. Phaidros CAFE, Tokyo. Praha, Sapporo.2000 - Nagoya City Archive, Nagoya. The Kitchen, New York. Millennium, New York. The Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, New York. Reina Sofia National Museum of Art, Madrid. Barcelona Contemporary Museum, Barcelona.

1999 - The Kitchen, New York. Galerie National du Jeu de Paume, Paris. Galerie J&J Donguy, Paris.

1998 - Hillside Forum, Tokyo. The Lux Centre, London. Filmmuseum, Munich.

1997-Landmark Hall, Yokohama. The Institute of Japanese Culture, Roma. Millennium, New York.

1996-The Kitchen, New York. Hiroshima Contemporary Art Museum, Hiroshima. Landes Museum, Linz, Austria.

1995-Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo. Millennium, New York.

1994-Somido, Ginza Sony, Tokyo. 102 Art Toung !, Grenoble, France. CAYC, Buenos Aires. Spoutnik, Geneve. St-Gervais, Geneve. Fri art, Fribourgh. Scratch Projection, Paris. Apt Gallery, Tokyo. Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, N.C..

1993-Electronic Cafe, Santa Monica, C.A. Nagoya Cinematheque, Nagoya. Kirin Plaza Osaka, Osaka.

1992-Galerie DAAD, Berlin. Arsenal Kinematek, Berlin. Millennium, New York. Museum of Sound and Image, San Paulo. Arizona State university, Tucson, Arizona.

1991-Studio 200, Tokyo. Millennium, New York.

1990-Anthology Film Archives, New York. Osaka contemporary Art center, Osaka. Kyoto Cultural Museum, Kyoto.

1987-Media Gallery, San Francisco. Ted Greenwald Gallery, New York. Cinematheque, San Francisco.

1985-Multe Media Center, Zagreb. Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. Museum Square, Osaka.

1984-Glass House Theater, Melbourne. Europe Space, Melbourne.

1983-The Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo. Fuji Television Gallery, Tokyo.

1982-Image Forum, Tokyo. Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka.

1981-Museum of Modern Art, New York. Boston Flm/Video Foundation, Boston, Gzikanka Gallery, Warsaw.

1980- Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels. Long Beach Museum, Los Angeles. Honolulu Art Museum, Honolulu.

1979-Austrian Film Museum, Vienna. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Media Art Center, Buffalo.

1978-Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. Vehicle Gallery, Montreal. Carnegie Art Museum, Pittsburgh.

1977-Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. Apple gallery, New York. Institute of Contemporary Art Center, Antwerp.

1976-Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. Collective for Living Cinema, New York. U.C.Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, Calif.

1975-Museum of Modern Art, New York. Anthology Film Archives, New York.

1974-Millennium, New York. Galerie 23, Paris. Cinematheque Francaise, Paris.

1973-Arsenal Kinematek, Berlin. Backer Gallery, Bochum, Germany. Lenbachhaus Stadtische Galerie, Munich.

1972-Millennium, New York. Japanese House, New York. Kitchen, New York.

1971-Pacific Film Archive, San Francisco. UCLA Film Center, Los Angeles.

1970-Sogetsu Cinematheque, Tokyo. Scorpio Theater, Tokyo.

1969-Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. Royal Film Archive, Brussels.

1968-Canyon Cinematheque, San Francisco. Judson Gallery, New York.

1967-Film-makers’ Cinematheque, New York. Gate Theater, New York.

1966-Film-makers’ Cinematheque, New York. Black Gate Intermedia, New York.

1965-Sogetsu Cinematheque, Tokyo.

1963-Naiqua gallery, Tokyo.

Group Exhibitions

2004 - Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France. Int’l Film Festival of Film on Arts, Montreal, Canada. Artist Night, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo. John Cage Film,Video, Music Festival, Anthology Film Archives, New York.

2003 - Japanese Film and Video, Millennium, New York. Juksan International Arts Festival, Juksan, Korea. Interntional Experimental VideoFestival, Marseilles, France. Paris-Berlin International Film/Video Festival, Berlin. Viper Int’l Film,Video, New Media Festival, Switzland. New York Expo Film Festival, New York. Athen Int’l Film/Video Festival, Athen, USA. New Art program Video Biennial, Lehigh Valley, USA (Award, Honorable Mention for Seeing / Hearing / Speaking). Art Fest Film Festival, Harrisburg, USA. Int’l Short Film Festival,Mamburg, Germany. Edith-Ruth-fur Medien Kunst. Oldenburg, Germany. Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, USA. Leeds Int’l Film Festival, Leeds, UK. Antimatter Festival of Short Film/Video, Victoria, Canada. Okamoto Taro Museum, Tokyo. Cinema Differents Film Festival, Paris. Video MixTape, Berkeley, USA.

2002 - Japan Society Image Art and Sience Conference, Tokyo. File 2002( Electronic Language International Festival), Sao Paulo. Cosign02(Computational Semiotics for Games and New Media), Augsburg University, Augsburg, Germany. ISEA(International Symposium for Electoronic Arts), Nagoya. Telepidemic, Kobe Art Village Center, Kobe. Asian American Film Festival, NewYork. Experimenta, Victoria, Australia. ISEA (Int’l Symposium for Electronic Art), Nagoya. Golbang Art Film Festival, Ilujun Art House, Seoul, Korea. Calculated Cinema, Pacific Film Archive, Berkely, USA.

2001 -Thaw 01, University of Iowa, Iowa. Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, U.K. 8mm Film Festival, San Francisco Art Institute. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. WRO Int’l Media Art, Wrocraw, Poland. Underground Archives, Tokyo.

2000 - Big As Life, An American History of 8mm Film, Museum of Modern Art, New York. Enclosed and Enchanted, Museum of Modern Art Oxford, Oxford. Netmage, Bologna, Italy. ISEA 2000, Paris. dLux media arts, Sydney Film Festival, Sydney.

1999 - Edison Black Maria Film & Video Festival (Director’s Citation Award, for "Observer/Observed"). Jersey City, N.J. Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival,Victoria, Canada. Mill Valley Film Festival, Mill Valley, CA. The American Century, Part II, Whitney Museum, New York. Contact Zone, The Art of CD-ROM, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. Art Media VII, University of Salerno, Salerno, Italy.

1998 - European Int’l Media Art Festival, Osnabruc, Germany. World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam.

1997-Society of Japanese Image and Science, Yamagata, Japan. Rockefellar Center Degital Video Wall curated by Museum of Modern Art, New York. Awarded Grand Prize, Rough and Ruined Festival, Vancouver, Canada. Rio Cinema, International Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Aichi Prefectual Museum, Nagoya, Japan. Mito Art Museum, Mito, Japan. International Festival of Cinema, Lisbon, Portugal.

1996-Awarded, Columbus International Film & Video Festival, Columbus, Ohio, Honable Mention to "AIUEONN SIX FEATURES". International Leipziger Festival, Leipzig, Germany. Video Art Festival, Locarno, Swiss. Sakura City Museum, Sakura, Japan. Pandemonium Festival, ICA, London."Video Forums" Festival, Clermondt-Ferrand, France. "Transmutation" Performance Festival, Brighton, England, Rio Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro. Computer Art Festival, Maribor, Slovenia. "New Vision", Glasgow, UK.

1995-Bourges Video Festival, Bourges, France. Kwangji Biennale Kwangji, Korea. MA Performance Festival, Dusserldorf. New York Festival, New York.

1994-"Japanese Art After 1945 : Scream Against the Sky," Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama. "Mutations de l’Image," Videotheque de Paris, Paris. "Images du Futur," La Cite des Arts et des Noubelles Technologies, Montreal."Retrospective of the Japanese Short Film," Oberhausen. Awarded, the Film and Video Festival, Athen, Ohio, Director’s Citation Honors for"AIUEONN Six Features". "Japanese Art After 1945," Guggenheim Museum, New York."ISEA94," Helshinki. "Body & Image," Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya. The Third Annual Short Attention Span Film and Video Festival, San Francisco (Awarded, Third Place for "AIUEONN Six Features").

1993-"00 Collaborations" Sagacho Exhibit Space, Tokyo. WRO Sound Basis Visual Art Festival, Wroclaw, Poland (Awarded The Rustling Ear Prize for "AIUEONN Six Features"). "ART ON FILM/FILM ON ART," Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles. International Documentary Film Festival 93, Yamagata."Rolywholyover A Circus by John Cage," Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. The Dallas Video Festival, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas. Festival Mundial do Minuto 1993, Sao Paulo (Awarded the Best Five for "AIUEONN Six Features").

1992-"Hearing Art," Center for Contemporary Arts, Warsow. "Video-New World," O Museum, Tokyo. "Adam and Eve," The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama. "John Cage Memorial," Ohnoya Hall, Tokyo.

1991-"Millennium 25 Years," Museum of Modern Art, New York. "Sound & Images in Film," Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles.

1990-"New Art Film," Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York/Musee de Louvre, Paris. "Video Sculpture," Kunstverein, Cologne/Kongresshalle, Berlin. Montbeliard International Video & TV Festival, Montbeliard, France. Sound Basis Visual Art Festival, Wroclaw, Poland. "Minimalism Now," I.C.P., New York.

1989-"New Films From Japan," Japan Society, New York.

1988-"Miami Waves," Minami-Dade Colege, Miami.

1987-"Video From Japan," Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco. San Francisco International Film Festival, San Francisco (Awaded, Golden Gate Prizefor "Moments at the Rock").

1986-World Wide Video Festival, Den Haag, Holland. Thomas Edison Black Maria Film & Video Festival, Essex-Hudson Film Center, N.J. (Awarded, Grand Prixe for "Moments at the Rock").

1985-"Japan : Avandgarde of Future," City Hall, Genova, Italy.

1984-Asian American Video Festival, New York.

1983-"History of Video Art," Museum of Modern Art, New York. "1960s," Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo. "Experimental Film, 1970s," Collective for Living Cinema, New York.

1982-"Bijyutsu Gekijyo," Hiyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Kobe, Japan. University Film and Video Association, Carbondale, III.

1981-"Biennial Exhibition," Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Ithaca Video Festival, Ithaca, New York. Hyeres Film Festival, Hyeres, France.

1980-Berlin Film Festival, Berlin. "Japanese Experimental Video," Global Village, New York.

1979-"Cinema Experimental Japonaise," Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. "Video Wochen, Essen 79," Folkwang Museum, Essen, Germany.

1978-"New Japanese Avantgarde Film," Millennium, New York. "Recent Japanese Avantgarde Film," Museum of Modern Art, New York.

1977-"Japan, Film and Video," Media Center, New York State University, Buffalo.

1976-"Iconologie des Cinema," Athene Francaise, Tokyo. "Video Art," Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia.

1975-"Video Week," Serpentine Gallery, London. Germain Gallery, Paris.

1974-"Video/Art," Musee d’Art Modern, Paris. "Japan : Art and Tradition," Kunsthalle, Duseldorf. Toulon Film Festival France. 5th International Experimental Film Festival, Knokke-Heist, Belgium.

1973-"Open Circuit," Everson Museum of Art, New York. London Avantgarde Film Festival, London National Film Theatre, London. "Aktionen der Avantgarde," Akademie der Kunste, Berlin.

1972-"New Japanese Film," Millennium, New York. First Video Festival, Kitchen, New York.

1971-Eighth Avantgarde Fesitval, Armory Hall, New York. "Mainichi Contemporary Art Exhibition," Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo.

1970-"Wandering Concert," Goethe Institute, Tokyo. Third Crosswald Intermedia, Asahi Shinbun-sha Hall, Tokyo.

1969-"Experiment," Kunthalle, Dusseldorf.

1968-Film Art Festival, Sogetsu Art Center, Tokyo.

1967-New York Film Festival, Lincoln Center, New York.

1966-"Japanese Experimental Film," Museum of Modern Art, New York.

1965-"Japanese Experimenal Film," The Movie, San Francisco.

1964-Japan FIlm Independents, Kinokuniya Hall, Tokyo.

1963-Brussels International Experimental Film Fesival, Brussels (Awarded, Special Prize).

Prix et Résidences

Rockefeller Study & Conference Center, Como, Italy, The Rockefeller Foundation*, 2001

Institute for Electronic Arts, Alfred University, New York*, 2001

The New York State Council for Arts, New York, 2001

Valparaiso Foundation*, Mojacar, Spain., 2000.

Asahi Shimbun Foundation, Tokyo, 2000.

Pola Art Foundation, Tokyo, 1999.

Fondation Franco Japonaise Sasakawa, Tokyo, 1999.

Great Britain-Sasakawa Foundation, Tokyo, 1998.

Banff Art Centre, Banff, Canada*, 1998

Nomura Cultural Foundation, Tokyo ,1997.

Taikou Foundation, Nagoya, 1997,1999.

Japan Art Funds, Tokyo, 1994, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2003

Saison Foundation, Tokyo, 1991

Japan Foundation, Tokyo, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1995,1999.

New York Foundation for the Arts, New York, 1986.

Australia-Japan Foundation, Tokyo*, 1984.

Canada Counsil, Ottawa, *1981.

National Endowment for the Arts, Washington, D.C.,1979.

Creative Artists Program, New York, 1976.

Deutschen Akademischer Austauschdienst(DAAD), Berlin*, 1973-74, 1992.

Asian Foundation/Harvard University, Cambridge*, 1966.


Euphonic Inc. 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002 Landmark Hall, 1997. NEC, 1997. NTT, 1994. Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. ,1993, 1994. Shiseido Co., Ltd., 1993, 1994, 1997,1998 Omron Corporation, 1993. Sony PCL Inc., 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998 Sony Gmbh, 1992. Sony Corporation, 1991, 1993, 1994. Sony Australia, 1984 Sony France, 1986. Sony Italia S.p.A., 1997. Sony Corporation U.S.A, 1990, 1994



(English version below) EXPRMNTL est une galerie privée spécialisée en art contemporain ; implantée dans un hôtel particulier, ancien atelier de confection de 300m2 au cœur du centre historique de Toulouse. La galerie développe un programme d’expositions précis en s’appuyant sur des critères de sélection tels que la notoriété européenne ou internationale, la qualité esthétique et poétique des œuvres et leur pertinence en écho au monde contemporain . La galerie représente des artistes émergents français et étrangers mais également des artistes confirmés. Fin 2011, la galerie développe une librairie au Rez de chaussée du loft.

Opened in February 2004, the space about 300m2 on 2 floors based in an old fabrics workshop is located in the historic center of Toulouse. The gallery’s primary function is to show contemporary artists, new or emerging ; encouraging diversity through a reactive and dynamic programme of photography, painting, sculpture, art video and performance. The gallery consists of 3 exhibition spaces,vitrines, a videobox and a vip room... ...End of 2011, the gallery manage a bookstore at the ground floor of the loft.

Textes et photographies © EXPRMNTL Galerie